Carpet Cleaning Service

Our Cleaning Team visits a lot of properties to transform your carpet so it looks and feels like new. We clean your carpets in accordance with the highest industry specifications and leaving you with a fantastic looking carpet, Cleaned professionally at least once every 12-18 months.


Not cleaning the carpet correctly or even not cleaning it at all will reduce its expectancy significantly.

Carpet cleaning services are not just for the domestic properties they are also suitable for commercial premises such as offices and shops. Clean carpets are just as important for commercial premises as they are for homes, particularly if you have clients visiting your office, so it is very important to regularly give your carpets a deep clean.


Dirty carpets are a reflection on your business. They look bad and are likely to put customers off if you are operating a retail premises. Carpets designed for high traffic areas such as an office or shop are generally very hard wearing and more than able to withstand everyday grime and dirt, but the dirt still builds up over time and is a good idea to get your carpet cleaned at regular intervals to make sure your carpets stay clean and fresh.

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